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Abraxas Premium Batch Coarse 15g

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Abraxas snuff is an ultra high premium, coarse ground English snuff with a unique flavour. It is manufactured in small, hand made batches and flavoured with a superb combination of fine liquor and arrabica coffee. Abraxas has been called the most expensive snuff ever made but the price reflects the outstanding quality and exquisite flavour of Abraxas. This is a snuff to be savoured and is aimed solely at the connoisseur. Abraxas is available only at Mr Snuff.

This is not an inexpensive snuff. Rather it was conceived, milled, flavored and packed with the true connoisseur in mind; slowly, carefully and with the utmost attention to every detail. Nothing is rushed. The price reflects the superb quality of the ingredients used, the skill and knowledge of the maker, and the time taken. Abraxas has no direct counterpart that really comes to mind, but a pinch of this luxurious, fine ground snuff may bring to mind some of the richer Fribourg and Treyer snuffs or Cafe Royale. Hints of fine liquor finish the deep tobacco scent.

Abraxas premium batch snuff is packed in screw topped jars holding a minimum of 15g of of the world's finest snuff.

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