Abraxas Triple Treat Bundle

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Abraxas Triple Threat Bundle

Included in this bundle are...
  • Abraxas Premium Batch Fin 15g
  • Abraxas Fire Cured Cerise 15g
  • Abraxas Connoisseur Cerise 15g

Cerise Fire Cure is based on the original snuff but the flour is a blend of the standard rustica tobacco and Indian fire cured leaf, giving a dark, smoky flavour.

Cerise is a hand milled and blended coarse snuff made exclusively for Mr Snuff. The snuff has a luscious almost intoxicating flavour which is rich in cherries and spices. A perfect desert accompaniment.

Abraxas Premium Fin snuff is an ultra high quality, fine ground English snuff with a unique flavour. It is manufactured in small, hand made batches and flavoured with a superb combination of fine liquor and Arabica coffee.

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This product contains the following items:
Abraxas Cerise 15g1 x  (ABR003) Abraxas Cerise 15g £8.99
Abraxas Fire Cured Cerise 15g1 x  (ABR034) Abraxas Fire Cured Cerise 15g £8.99

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