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Hedges L260

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A true classic in the snuff franchise, a truly strong and mentholated addition to the range of smokeless tobacco. A soft texture and grind that gives a not too powerful thrust, but a nice cooling sensation. A highly rated product among our customers with easy to take nicotine. Some have described it as their "Go to Snuff" which proves that it must be successful produce. The texture is thoroughly perfect and slightly silky with a beautiful medicated flavour.

Truly a snuff for beginners and long term fanatics in our products. We guarantee a soothing and relaxing nicotine hit in the nasal area. A favourite in terms of a mentholated hit, with an enjoyable and long-lasting odour. A grind on the finer side with a moisture side. We hope you enjoy "Hedges L260" as much as our other customers, and let us know your thoughts below. Here comes "The Snuff"...

Courtesy of Snuff Reviews: Jerry Manaker