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6 Photo Assorted

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From 6 Photo come assorted and convenient 8g and 6g tubs. With a range of various and enjoyable flavours. An assortment of 15 different Tastes for you to choose and differentiate between and find the flavours that are most suitable for you. Dependent on your mood, you may want to endeavour chocolate with a hint of menthol or how about a hint of green snuff that tastes different to anything you may have undergone before.

This is uniquely recommended to those sampling nasal snuff, with units that originate back to 1927 that incorporates a series of heritage and upcoming nicotine hit sensations. A perfect gift to anyone that is a snuff enthusiast and desires a mixture of the large spectrum of item snuff organisation. All at a low cost, you will feel like you've discovered the right snuff that may tick all the boxes for you. This could be the commencement of something extraordinary.

Customer Reviews

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timothy millington
6 photo assorted

each type is an absolute classic , how could any one not go down on this type of pack ferociously ? grab a tube , a straw or somethin else to draw it into your nose and commit .

Thomas Nevitt
Great product

I’m new to talking snuff have purchased 4 different blends just now getting used to Madrass really nice hit will carry on talking snuff will buy more at a later date

Andrew W.
Great value Great snuff

The 6 Photo assorted box is real collection of delights and is tremendous value for money. It contains a mix of 6 Photos range of traditional and modern snuff and is the perfect introduction to the fascinating world of Indian snuffs. There is something for everyone in this box and if it's your first time to sample 6 Photos range it's highly like you will discover a good few future favourites in here.

Glenn O'flaherty

I was a bit dubious at first about this for some reason. How wrong I was. I've only tried 5 of the selection so far and they are all quality refreshing snuffs with some excellent aromas with quality tobacco. Well worth it and I will buy some of them in the larger cans. If you like to try different snuffs this is something you should buy.


I'm so glad I picked this assortment box up. I've only tried 5 of the 15 so far and they are real good quality fresh snuffs, I was doubtful of this at first but I'm looking forward to trying them all. Well well worth the money