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Differentiating between our other Indian snuff arises a combined mint and herbal flavoured snuff all within a 30g container. Begum green contains a powerful sensation up the nostril, with a fresh twist. You'll be more than surprised to find a mix of various herbs that contain an influential and supreme substance of nicotine.

To fulfil this exciting experience we recommend you use a snuff spoon, the Indian based fine-ground tobacco contains pinches that are an efficacious response. The light green- coloured mentholated snuff is moistly ground to the significant balance, perfect enough to get the delightful and most necessary encounter. The product is available in the convenient vacuum-sealed tin that is more than simple to open and commence your herbal and exotic coolness.

Customer Review: Different than most other Indian snuffs, Begum Green is a light green colored, mint and herbal flavored snuff. A strong blast of minty coolness develops in the nose, followed by the herbal scents mixing together to produce a delightful snuffing experience. If you're used to Indian snuffs that are top heavy in the menthol, you'll be pleasantly surprised. The mint is powerful, the nicotine is high, and the mix of various herbs combines all together to make a very good snuff. It is fine-ground, and slightly moist, and IMO is best used with a snuff spoon, as big pinches are a little too powerful. You be the judge.

Customer Reviews

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A finely textured snuff that packs a powerful punch

This is a brilliantly clear-headed snuff; although finely-textured, breathing in too forcefully doesn't go all the way to the throat. It has a fresh menthol kind of flavour and doesn't tend to accumulate in the nose like some heavier snuffs. Highly recommended!

Will Blakey

i have not had anything quite like it before. slight menthol for a few seconds then a kind of herb aroma which i cannot quite place. I was sneezing everywhere when i first tried it but now i have the hang of it it is very nice indeed. make sure to sniff it as gently as possible to avoid sneezing.