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6 Photo Gold Rush

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"Gold Rush" is a quality product from the house of Six Photo snuff, a premium blend of fresh fruit flavours with a simultaneous mild hit of menthol for those who endure an insight of minty freshness. With a charming reddish-brown appearance, Gold Rush envisages an orange and mango scent that that is unique to the construction of Indian snuff.

The product comes in a range of different container sizes of 8g, 30g and 200g dependent on how greatly the amount of snuff you like to endure. Gold Rush guarantees a delightful and mango scented experience that is enough to last a prolonged amount of time. This is the ideal product for more mild tobacco consumers. We hope you sense the authentic and accentuated mildness of Punjab nasal snuff.

6 Photo is recognised for producing cost-effective niche tobacco-based products that are fitting to consumers all across the snus spectrum. To those who can tolerate both or either a mild and high nicotine hit. We hope you this gleaming tobacco-based experience from the soils of India.

Customer review: This excellent snuff reminds me of the "FUBAR Jungle Fever Mango", which, however, in contrast to this more mild tobacco has a pepper note. Although the "Gold Rush", however, has a subtle menthol touch but is otherwise mild. Even the mango flavor is very accentuated and authentic.