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SNUV Black Ice 15g

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Snuv Black Range is a perfectly balanced blend of Rustica and Virginia tobaccos. The colour of the snuff is almost black. A fairly coarse grind along the lines of classic Bayern Prise German snuff, with a dash of paraffin oil which gives these snuffs their distinctive fluffy feel and also helps prevent the moisture from drying out.

Black Ice takes its cue from the world's most popular snuff, Gletscherprise by Poschl Tabak.

Hence, added to the tobacco base flour Black Ice is fairly highly mentholated with hints of several other oil essences, most notably aniseed.

For lovers of mentholated German style snuffs this is a must try. The taste notes of Black Ice are what you would expect from Gletscherprise, but a more pleasurable in the nose in our opinion. There is plenty nicotine delivered by the Rustica, mellowed by the Virginia tobacco and the oils which slow the absorption in the nose, but equally give it longevity. The menthol is plenty enough to clear the sinuses nicely and give you that lovely cooling effect without being over-done. There is no nasal drip to speak of when sniffed correctly.

In terms of flavour, being snuv Black Ice, it is no surprise that the menthol kicks in first. Once that subsides you will start to notice subtle flavours emerge. The aniseed in this case is more of an enhancer to other flavours, much like many food preparations. The discerning among us will also be able to pick out the sweetness of the tobacco. That's the interaction between the Rustica and Virginia.

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Customer Reviews

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Black Ice bee n ees👍

My initial experiance with the product was the tin lid, hard to open, needed to grip it in a vice to twist the lid, as for the contents, well i was amazed, it looked rich,dark and moist, i always pinch, i dont like snuff paddles or bullets.
The initial pinch to both nostrels was a smooth tingle sensation, the richness of the snuff was not complicated...very nice base flour,a slow burn of Aniseed and menthol, very nice combination, the nicotine content quite strong so not an all day snuff " one does not want to OD on nicotine lol🤯". I find two or three pinches a day suffice ! as i use other snuff's for my daily helping of vitamin N lol. Over all an exellent product, " Not to be missed or ignored..a delightful experiance". Thank you SNUV great blend❤️