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Toque Whisky & Honey

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A masterpiece from the Toque range comes to a special blend of Whisky and Honey flavoured Snuff. An everyday product with a smell that is guaranteed to linger and cause a sweet honey sensation to your nostrils. Expect a medium to fine grind that is presented as a medium to light brown colour snuff. A mildly easy to take stuff that is more than simply accessible when placed in the nasal region. All within a 10g tin prepare yourself for a supreme nicotine hit

The snuff has a great opening tone of a smokey peat scotch & toasty goodness. An absolute snuff that perfect as an all-day product. The Toque Snuff brand was founded in 2006 and became a Sneeshyn brand by 2018. A true favourite from the snuffers fellowship around the world. Let us know your thoughts below.

A small pinch yields me a pleasant honey/smoke scent, while a bigger pinch or 2 small ones in each nostril starts to bring out the whiskey, almost like a mossy single malt scotch which I love. Also when I'm out in the sun and the wind hits me its almost like I can smell someone smoking a Cavendish pipe tobacco.

Very nice. So if you aren't getting the whiskey try a bigger pinch. Its fairly easy to take, not so much as some of the fruity toque's but easier for me than Quit for instance. The flavor lasts a LONG time. One of the best products Toque carries.

Courtesy of Snuff reviews: HuskBuntu