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Bernard Tiger Cherry 10g

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Tiger Cherry Snuff is a powerful, high energy snuff powder. It is a stimulating snuff with guarana - which has 'pick you up' effects similar to caffeine - and is cherry flavored without menthol.

A sweet snuff due to its dextrose base, Tiger cherry snuff's powerful guarana could be the answer if you find yourself needing extra concentration!

CUSTOMER REVIEW: This was the first energy stuff I purchased and I can only say good things about it. First off, the snuff is white so be careful were you snuff it because it might be mistaken for something else. It does taste like cherry, and gives a caffeine effect. It comes out a little thicker than baby powder, and it's almost like candy the way it tastes. If you're looking to try an energy stuff, I'd recommend this one just remember that it's not like normal tobacco snuffs because this one is tobacco free!