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Bernard Tiger Guarana 10g

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Tiger Guarana snuff is a powerful, high energy snuff powder. A stimulating snuff with guarana - which has 'pick you up' effects similar to caffeine - and is naturally flavored without menthol.

A sweet snuff due to its dextrose base, Tiger snuff's powerful guarana could be the answer if you find yourself needing extra concentration.

CUSTOMER REVIEW: I have gone through 5 tins of this stuff! It's the perfect pick me up on a rough day. The effect is instant and lasts about 45min. I would compare it to chugging and energy drink. Its a fine white powder that tends to stick to your upper lip so make sure to do this in private as not to give people the wrong idea. The flavor is very sweet and reminiscent of smarties candy. I would recommend this product to any one that occasionally needs a strong energy boost.