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NTSU Black 14g

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This is probably the coarsest snuff I have ever tried, and possibly also the strongest. Coarse, dark, moist and plain, and as such it is truly excellent. On first opening the practical plastic tub (perfect for re-use, of course) I was struck by a powerful blast of ammonia, indicating super-freshness.

Having tipped out the snuff and spread it out on a sheet of paper to air for a few hours, the ammonia dissipated allowing enjoyment of the snuff itself. The flavor is relatively complex for a plain snuff. It's earthy and leathery with more than a hint of the farmyard.

It does take a fair old sniff to get it to stay in the nose, but that is no hardship and I can understand why some users choose to dry and grind it more finely. Me, I'm enjoying it very much as it is.

Courtesy of Snuff Reviews: ermtony