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6 Photo Coffee Kick

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Get that pure hit with a coffee flavoured snuff, tucked away in a 30g comes an Indian coffeelicious nicotine punch that is more than enough to get a characteristical and sensational coffee kick. The name doesn't speak more truthy, as it has a menthol inclusion that gives a simple but not too overpowering response. It is guaranteed that the tremendous coffee scent will last a lengthy timescale with a creamy impression.

In addition, the smell will linger for a significant amount time in your hands and especially your nostril once the menthol hits and burns in a coffee accented style to your consciousness. Easy to place in your nostril and begin the exciting process. The product is easy to process and ready for you to get started. We hope you enjoy it as much as our other coffee flavour enthusiasts.

Customer Review: When I first got a small tub of Coffee Kick, I didn't like it much. I was very new to snuffs then and tucked away these tubs somewhere. 4 months down the line when I saw this in my box, I re-tried it and man, I loved it. Thats what is a characteristic of snuffs - you never know what you might like in the future; so never discard a snuff you don't like the first time. Give it some time. I love this one now, and have ordered a hefty amount of it this since it does help wake me up and get going through the day. I love the kick of coffee and menthol and this is simply a wonderful blend. One of Six Photo's best. Try it!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
ian clayton

Deep. This strikes a power like a copper belt. Moist but dry, for over 30's, a great relaxtion. By the way, I'm 44years old.
Thankyou. What I am lacking is A Snuff Collection Storage Box Or Shelf.

Strange addictive stuff

You don't like it at first; actually you hate it. Then you want more and you don't know why. I promised not to order this again ever, and here I am writing about it with a new tub at hand.

martin lawson
Coffee kick

A bit harsh when first tried but got better. Good hit and cleared nose.

Nathen Pulford

6 Photo Coffee Kick

Coffee with a kick.

I have to say this is a very nice menthol coffee snuff. The coffee is a little on the mild side, but I like that. The menthol adds a new dimension to coffee snuffs. Will be back for more.