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6 Photo Green Dragon

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 From 6 Photo, comes a rich tobacco base which is made especially and uniquely for the Chinese market. It is presented as a sweet and minty green colour snuff which possesses a strong kick as powerful as the Chinese Dragon. Supreme if you desire a minty sensation up the nostril. Endure a quick and easy grind that operates hard and sharp as a dragons bite dissipates. An electric hit all within a 30g container that differentiates from all the Indian based tobacco product base of Rustica.

The nicotinic dragon awakens with a niche and high-quality product from the hub of nasal snuff. We hope you relish this product as much as our Chinese audience. We desire to intensify a quick and ambitious encounter through a minty vanilla sensation. Let us apprehend what your thoughts are below and we'll continue to provide niche high-quality snuff.

Customer review: MAN I REALLY REALLY like this snuff! It is a bit similar to Begum Green but the grind is easier to take. The scent is Minty Vanilla to my nose and is missing some of the Exotic spices of Begum Green making it a bit different. Well done 6 PHOTO! Plus the price of $2.49 for a 30g tin is excellent!

Customer Reviews

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Soothing, relaxing, energizing, reinvigorating

This is one of the very best of 6 photos of Indian snuff. Not only does it deliver nicotine and hits like a japanese train, but the flavours and aromas are soothing, relaxing, it refreshes you, reinvigorated you and clears your mind. Truly a work of art.

i need more

very good snuff when will more be in stock


I'm not a fan of mint at all but this works very well with the base tobacco and vanilla. Grind is fine and moist. Nic delivery is on par with Peruvian marching powder in that it's instant and hits quite hard. A very creamy and moreish snuff that I could use all day if my blood pressure can cope with it.
Fantastic winter snuff that lasts a long time in the nose.
I like it a lot.