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6 Photo Green Dragon

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The oriental dragon is a sign of good fortune and and is a venerated symbol of heavenly protection over all that is good and are sometimes even known to control the weather.   6 Photo Green Dragon is a unique blend that is not a traditional mixture. This fine ground tobacco compound also includes an accent of mint that adds a lovely greenish tint and cools the bite and counter balances the overpowering heat. The dragon then delivers a rush of nicotine that is almost incomparable. Will you try and ride the Green Dragon?

Available in convenient hermetically sealed containers.

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Customer Reviews

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matt levins
A cult favourite within the cult favourite

A small percentage of the population is aware of snuff tobacco, those who are are smitten and swear by it.

The same can be said for this product and the population of snuff users. First wave is a unique indescribable flavour somewhere between vaporub and the smell of citrus cleaning product, combined with the initial, powerful hit of nicotine will have your eyes wide open, when reserved for special occasions or used sparingly to preserve the uniqueness, you may get the Peruvian marching powder experience mentioned in other reviews.

This is followed by a warming toasted vanilla, citrus and rich tobacco aroma which lasts pleasently long, picture taking in a deep uncongested breath of mounain Air through the kitchen window while vanilla cake bakes in the oven and oranges reduce on the stove for a homemade marmalade, while someone in the next room over is smoking high quality pipe tobacco.

Cannot recommend enough.

Teodor Nebraski
Soothing, relaxing, energizing, reinvigorating

This is one of the very best of 6 photos of Indian snuff. Not only does it deliver nicotine and hits like a japanese train, but the flavours and aromas are soothing, relaxing, it refreshes you, reinvigorated you and clears your mind. Truly a work of art.

Tony Foster
i need more

very good snuff when will more be in stock

Mick Moore

I'm not a fan of mint at all but this works very well with the base tobacco and vanilla. Grind is fine and moist. Nic delivery is on par with Peruvian marching powder in that it's instant and hits quite hard. A very creamy and moreish snuff that I could use all day if my blood pressure can cope with it.
Fantastic winter snuff that lasts a long time in the nose.
I like it a lot.