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6 Photo LA Natural

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La Natural is renowned a natural fine white tobacco with a tinge of spice hidden within the product. This white snuff is fabricated in a well-made ground Indian fashion through a quite flavoursome sense and an extraordinary nicotine tolerance. This is a super charming natural tobacco snuff with a soft hint of a lime sensation. A smooth and steady hit for a reasonable price recommended to fans of a complex and acquired snuff taste in the nostril area.

A Madras type snuff from the hub of Six photo that is crafted as a delightful brownish hue ready to linger in your nose for a smooth and lengthy amount of time. Highly recommended to our more eminent nicotine tolerated audience, or those who desire a powerful hit. We guarantee high- graded tobacco and a comprehensive snuff encounter.

CUSTOMER REVIEW: This is a fine ground Indian white type snuff. The moist level is rather high, which makes it quite easy to approach and take, and it has a lovely red brownish hue to it. It is quite flavoursome, but you won't detect any added flavours or casings. Because of its inherent complexity, this is a snuff for the few and something of an acquired taste. The nicotine levels are rather high, but it is not as strong as White Elephant, and it has a very nice bouquet that will linger in your nose after each pinch you take. All and all this is an outstanding snuff everyone should try. Highly recommended.

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Customer Reviews

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John May
Too hot for me!

I prefer the more moist, dark snuff. This was a trial of something new. Love the pack size!

D Davies
Buttery tobacco goodness

MG Madras and LA have become my all time favorite go to snuffs. My first introduction to Indian snuffs were the typical perfumey, inscence-like snuffs. Some I hated, some I liked more than others. Back then I preferred plain tobacco snuffs so i mostly gravitated to English toasts, dark snuffs, a few German plain snuffs, and American Scotch types. Then I tried this one. I was amazed why I hadn't ordered it or MG before. I guess the typical Indians sort of turned me off. I highly suggest LA and MG for lovers of pure tobacco type snuffs. This particular one has a buttery smooth loveliness about it that I keep coming back to in my daily rotation. It's a semi-fine grind, but not as fine or dry as an Indian white, so sniff with caution. Highly recommended ! You'll thank me later.

jorge antonio soler sanz
6 Photo Natural

This is borderline being on the White side of most Indian type snuffs, but fluffier and moister, which makes it easier to take. I'd say it is not as finely ground as most Indian whites, but it packs quite a punch in the nicotine department and has lovely earthy and nutty notes. As you take your first pinch in the morning, you will feel like someone's punched you right in the nose, for the experience is quite intense. You won't find any casings or added flavours to the formula, so I'd only recommend it to those who appreciate tobacco flavour and no more. Because of this, it does not linger in your nose and won't cause nasal fatigue. The experience is quite overwhelming, but rewarding if you get used to it.