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Bernard Fichtennadel 10g

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CUSTOMER REVIEW: This is a revitalized traditional Bernard snuff. The predominant flavor of spruce needles is very intense. Combined with a moderate amount of menthol, this snuff's quite refreshing. It's a nice occasional snuff.

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Customer Reviews

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Doc Schneider
The best german everyday snuff

Bernard F makes no promises it can't keep. The F is for "fichtennadel", spruce needle, and the aroma is omnipresent. We experience a nice and fresh menthol kick accompanied by the smell of a walk in the forest after a short rain. Perfect for days you have to stay inside or as everyday snuff. I always keep a stock of these, and you will know why once you taste it. 5/5!

My everyday snuff and my all-time favourite

The one other review (at the time I am writing this) describes this as "refreshing" and "occasional". I agree with the refreshing part, but this is my everyday snuff (I consume 2-3 packs a week). It is very distinctive and I like it because it combines the benefits of refreshing menthol snuff with the richness of the traditional Bavarian schmalzler style. If you are tempted, or just trying a range of different snuffs to explore what is available, I would recommend Bernard Fichtenadel (literally Spruce Needle in German) might like it or you may not, but it is the single most distinctive snuff I have tried (and I have tried scores). Also, thanks to Snuffstore for stocking this and all the others...I suspect this is to some degree a labour of love in the current era.


Very specific scent. definitely not a daily snuff.