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Bernard Gekachelter Virginie 50g

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Straight from a solid cardboard box gives a serving of 50g strongly fermented snuff, a truly "Traditional" product from Bernard which is of the more heavily smoked Schmalzers that inherits a medium grind that is simultaneously moist and an easy refreshing product with an effective hit. Recommended as an every day medium grind that is non-sweet buy that will guarantee a long lasting sensation with no burn.

In terms of flavour, expect a mixture forest-fire and leather, and being one of the more dryer Schmalzer types. With some of our customers describing it as a more warm, organised and comforting snuff, that is straightforward when placing in the nasal area. A significant switch in pace of scented and mentholated snuff all within a 50g container. A pure tobacco bliss which and one of our more long lasting favoured products. Let us know your thought below. 

CUSTOMER REVIEW: My absolute favorite Schmalzler from Bernard. It's a dryer version of the schmalzler type and is one of the most longlasting flavors I know.

Description of the flavor: A mixture between forest-fire, turf-fire and leather. I would give it 6 Stars if I could!!!

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Customer Reviews

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Finlay Christie
Bernard's Gekachelter Virginie 50g

The transition to the intranasal administration of tobacco from the (smoked) inhalation administration, has been noticeably pleasant; especially on health. The effects are cleaner with intranasal administration as well.

There are reviews of this product on YouTube which explain in detail about the aromas and effects, and I'm in agreement with these sentiments regarding the product.

Bernard's Gekachelter Virginie 50g is amongst the only few finely ground tobacco products with minimal to zero additives.

Unfortunately, Pöschl's Perlereuter (containing only tobacco and water) was out of stock at the time, but Bernard's Gekachelter Virginie is a suitable alternative for an almost additive free tobacco experience.

Fantastic Plain Schmalzler

Wonderful baked Virginia plain tobacco snuff smelling of smoke, peat, leather, oak and tar, with a fluffy coarse grind, packed into an open-necked plastic bag inside a quirky box the size of a pack of cards.

Bernard Virginie

I received this quickly and well packaged, it's a very high quality product..ideal for those who like a pipe and a whisky...this one is absolutely Taylor made for that occasion..great nicotine great flavour, super east to take

Lluc Agulló Galilea

it's splendid

Kristjan Tajnšek
Nice snuff

Realy nice snuff,im in love by the first sniff :)