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Bernard Magic Moments Black 10g

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CUSTOMER REVIEW: Whoa. This is only my third snuff to try thus far (after Poschl's OG & Radford) & I am definitely impressed. Strawberry is the VERY first thing that I noticed not only when I snuffed it, but when I opened the mail. It has a very nice, subtle smoky aroma to it compared to a mentholated snuff as well. Also worth mentioning, this product has a nice nicotine hit to it. A very good product that I highly recommend to anyone out there that loves strawberry's. Thank you Mr. Snuff :D

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Customer Reviews

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A cheerful snuff

European fruit snuffs, like their aromatic pipe tobaccos, tend to favour rather artificial flavours – more reminiscent of the sweet shop than the fruit shop – compared to UK snuffs. (Anyone who remembers the Wild Strawberry blended by Smith’s in the Charing Cross Road, in London, will know what I mean.) The strawberry flavour of Magic Moments is a perfect example, but I’m not criticising it for that – taken as what it is, it’s a very pleasant, happy flavour and the moist snuff is easy to use; it can be “placed” in the nose rather than sniffed, a boon for those prone to sneezing.

Jay B
Sweet Treat

Superb snuff when you just want something different and sweet. Easy to take and lasts a good while. Candy like strawberry scent. Would be a great starter Schmalzler as it doesn't have as bad of a back drip as some other options.

Strawbery tart

Grandma s strawbery tart. Cloggy but good and delicious

Maria Veltri

Bernard Magic Moments Black 10g