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Blast Rum Special

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CUSTOMER REVIEW: This smells and tastes just like the name suggests, with the sweet, dark rum flavor predominating slightly over the raisins. It has a fairly fine grind, but moist enough as well.

It's easy on the nose and the flavors linger for quite some time. I feel this is more of a desert snuff than one I would use all day. And I do like a nice dessert!

Courtesy of Snuff Reviews: ermtony

Customer Reviews

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Lovely rum smell, with a kick

Fairly new to snuff, but love a rum flavoured tobacco for my pipe, so thought I'd give this a try.

A bit of a hard hit but a lovely lingering smell/flavour & goes great with a rum smoke!!

Top Toot

This snuff is to me, a lovely memory of my grandfather. Its a smell I used to get from him as a nipper. He made his own rum infused tobacco, a smell i got after taking this snuff. I did get some sweetness and definitely rum but mainly I got a fabulous memory. It's a new one on me but a very pleasant one. Who'd have thought it. Still smilin'.