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Dholakia Ganga

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CUSTOMER REVIEW: Has a slight tendency to stick together (though not as much as most other finely ground Indian snuffs), so I'd call it medium moist. That moisture makes it far better consumable, than a drier state would. Shouldn't be too challenging for newcomers. The flavour is complex, though the totally outstanding main actor is Rose. But there's something slightly dark and deep about it, which come from Musk, Sandalwood or both or something different, I just can't really detect it clearly. But the effect and taste is great, long lasting and exotic (that's if you're not from India). But although it's all that, it's by far not overwhelming. The dosage is perfect imo. The tobacco taste is completely masked, though. But then there are plain snuffs for that.

Courtesy of Snuff Reviews: Red Star