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Dholakia White

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This snuff is not quite white, but very light tan, with the finest, driest grind I've ever experienced, this has to be the least "user friendly" snuff I've ever tried. A slight ammonia scent, backed up by a musty, sweaty, exotic, dried salty anchovy quality that has something of the fragrance of a crowd in a very hot, congested market place. If it sounds terrible, it isn't; it's fascinating, intensely stimulating and unique.

The burn is very, very intense, but has more of a stinging quality than the warmer burn of the great Toasts, and is rather short lived. The nicotine hit comes on more quickly and massively than any tobacco product I've ever used--literally within seconds. The only way to take it in my experience is to take a very small pinch, and slowly raise it to your nostril while breathing as you normally would at rest.

As your hand approaches your nose, you'll soon feel the snuff flying up your nostril--and you WILL feel it--long before your fingers reach your nose. The burn and nicotine rush of this snuff are like no others, but it's intensely rewarding once you get the hang of it. Somehow both agonizing and ecstatic, there's nothing else like it.

Courtesy of Snuff Reviews: LHB

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