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Fribourg & Treyer Santo Domingo Classic Tin

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Almost black, coarse and very moist, this snuff is the most enjoyable snuff of it's kind that I know of. Perhaps my nose is jaded at the moment, but I don't pick up much sandalwood, cedar, violet or geranium. There is a faint woody, floral hint somewhere in there, but it is masked by a magnificent leathery, peaty, moist and rich tobacco flavour that makes this one stand out from the crowd.

Some nose burn, but the moistness makes it very easy to take in large quantities (without the unpleasant throat drip of many schmalzers). Nicotine is delivered slowly and evenly over a long period of time. Ideal with an Islay whisky late at night.

Courtesy of Snuff Reviews: sandy130674

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Customer Reviews

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İsmail Saygıner
Not good

I emailed 3 times but got no response.

Charly Hayot
tobacco to be snuffed with character

very typed black tobacco with a slight smell of urea, just what it takes, very different from the other scents of the game Fribourg and Treyer, which will appeal to lovers of old tobacco.

Michał Wiśliński
Proper dark smoky snuff

This is a dark, coarse, moist and smoky snuff. Nice quality but in fact it's very similar to Mullins & Westley Black Rappee and Viking's Dark Rappee. I suppose all three are made by Wilsons so maybe it's just the same thing sold under a different brand? To be sure, I doubt I would be able to distinguish between these three in a blind test.

Ronald Ambrosino
Fribourg & Treyer

It is what the description says, leathery, peaty, and rich! I even get a little black coffee too! The nicotine is satisfying and lasts so whats not to like? I'd say that Santo Domingo is in my top 5 and I'd also say that you should try some!