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FUBAR Spice Bouquet Filter Tabaq 10g

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FUBAR Spice Bouquet Filter Tabaq is an Indian inspired flavour.

As soon as I opened the sachet I was transported to the Paan stalls that are ubiquitous all over India and Devon St in Chicago.

The glorious sweet flavours of cardamom and rose, slaked lime and betel, slathered in a super strong viscous tobacco liquid.

The portions do not disappoint. Like all things FUBAR, Spice Bouquet has a decent punch to it, and the flavour lasts all the way till it's time to pop another one in. Even after the Spice Bouquet diminishes there is no bitter aftertaste. 

Accustomed as I am to chew bags and snus, these mini portions still required me to shift it around my mouth to ease the delicious "tingle" that indicates the nicotine is on its way to the dopamine receptors.

Customer Reviews

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Gaurav Ter
I like it

Good filter pouch tobacco, cheaper than red fox. Do the job of providing nicotine.

Definitely my new go to

The bags are smaller than normal, packed very well in a smooth bag. The flavour is an instant hit of floral and mildly spiced tobacco. There is a sweet numbness to your lip and the flavour lasts up to an hour. Absolutely love em, give them a try, you won't be disappointed

John Cooper

This is definitely my go to chew. The flavour is that of the Photo 6 snuffs. Floral yet mellow and delicately spiced. The flavour lasts a good time and just when you think it's done a quick flick of the the tongue and it's back. I love it. Try it, it's definitely worth a punt.