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W.E Garret Scotch 1.15 oz

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I am new to snuffing, and only 3 days in I have already bought both W.E Garrett and Rooster. I compared the two and W.E Garrett is a lot better in my opinion. When I sniff W.E Garrett there's a nice BBQ smell and taste.

Most notably, I feel a strong pinch in my throat which I like a lot. It's similar to when you are smoking a cigarette and the smoke hits you in the back of the throat. A pinch of this stuff in each nostril gives me a hit equivalent to a strong cigarette. If your an ex-smoker like I am you might like that.

As for Rooster, it delivered a slightly bigger nicotine rush but I felt that it lacked flavor and smell and didn't have a strong enough pinch or burn in the throat when I swallowed. Now I'm not sure if you're suppose to feel a pinch at all in the throat but I personally like it that way.

Courtesy of Snuff Reviews: jstar

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