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Gold Rush (Filter Tabaq) 10g

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Gold Rush Filter Tabaq is an excellent first chew bag from 6 Photo.

It comes in slim portions and is in white dry form and slips very comfortably under your lip. This is a tobacco lovers chew bag. Within a few minutes the tobacco flavours start to emerge. The actual flavouring is subtle, slightly peppery, hint of other Indian spices.

This is a well priced chew bag. Plenty of punch in the nicotine department. I great alternative the the Swedish chew bags currently on the market.

Customer Reviews

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Sweet and delicious

I really liked spice bouquet by fubar but as they are unavailable right now I bought a packet of gold rush. After about the 3rd pouch I had to get more. They are sweet with a hint of cloves and a nice gentle floral background. If there's a downside it's that a few pouches have split under my lip which is minging but all in all I recommend them quite highly.

eniavan subramanian