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McChrystal's Glacier

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McChrystal's snuffs are my favourite choice for "waking up" snuffs and this one is no exception. The flavours are very generously used by this company ("Mild" Lemon at the peak of their range) and here it gets as medicated as possible. I'm pretty sure that there's no essential oils in here and the effect is created by the high spicy dosage alone. Of all the essential oil snuffs I've tried, this one has not only the strongest, but also the most natural flavour, paired with a strong tobacco base. Easy to take and long lasting.

Courtesy of Snuff Reviews: Red Star

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent and refreshing

Started with the sampler box. Found this to be my go to. Love ❤️ it

Tobacco Jack
Hell Yes

Both RedStar (description above) and my wife noticed lemon in this snuff; however, I cannot smell it.

Still, this is one helluva snuff!

To me, this snuff has a peppermint scent (like menthol with an actual scent to the otherwise arctic blast) that reminds me of Andech's beuatiful concoction.
To me, MC's Glacier is comprised of pleasant peppermint + MC's base tobacco + tears of an angle + a mystical lemon scent that some can smell and others cannot = one bitchin' snuff!

If you are on the fence if you should try it or not, get a £1 tin that hopefully won't bump up your postage too much. But be warned, you are going to wish that you got the 25G tin, if not a tub.