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McChrystal's Olde English

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This snuff delivers a moderate clean menthol blast without the exotic tones of O&G. Its moisture is slightly higher than the latter and its grind is finer. Nonetheless, it is easy to take with little-to-none bite. I believe that this could very well be an everyday snuff for menthol fans. I recommend it.

Courtesy of Snuff Reviews:Morfiel

Available in: 3.5 g minor, 8.75 g large, 200 g tub and boxes of 12

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Customer Reviews

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Andy Hopson
Definitely buy this one again.

Just opened today. I usually have 2 types on the go, one for work (this one) and Rumneys Green for home (Pigeon Loft) I must say I have enjoyed the Olde English very much today and I will definitely buy this one again.

Edward Griffiths

Excellent service from snuffstore always a pleasure to buy from highly recommended.