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McChrystal's Warm Glow

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A special Christmas snuff flavored with cinnamon reminiscent of the holiday spices. Ideal for the Christmas spirit.

Available in: 3.5 g minor, 8.75 g large and boxes of 12

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Customer Reviews

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Mick Moore
JC Almighty!

Do not be fooled by the cosy name of this one! This is not the warm glow of a snuggly blanket but rather the hot chestnut that you pick up, drop rapidly and return to when it's cooled down a bit!
Its the first snuff that made me swear out loud when it hit my nasals!
Tin note has a faint ammonia smell behind a medium grind, chocolate brown snuff with a good tobacco in front and a very pleasant aroma of spiced cakes.
On snuffing!!!! All I get is cloves, cloves with a hefty slug of clove oil chucked into the mix. And cloves up your nose is not a blissful experience when you've just woken up in the morning! The aroma persists for a good half hour which is great if you love cloves. Not that I dislike them, I just prefer to use them sparingly!
I've got it sat on the side airing and I will return to it later. I would not recommend to a beginner for fear it may put them off snuff for life, however if you are an experienced snuffer and love cloves then I'm sure you will love it!