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Ozona President 7g

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In the well renowned Ozona series comes an ideal snuff for newcomers or those who are fanatics of a mentholated kick. "President" is a dark and fairly moist produce that inherits a mentholated smell straight into the nostril. The menthol is recognisably strong and serves a pleasing sinus-clearing effect. A rich and soothing sensation that is long lasting and will serve the snuff result you were anticipating. A truly long lasting freshness.

Expect a herbal spiced scent and a solid menthol hit while the tobacco base glows as the menthol begins to fade. Ideal moisture, just the precise amount of cooling with the menthol. We hope you appreciate it as much as our other customers, let us know your thoughts below. The product comes in a 7g container. 

Customer Reviews

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Mark Thonhoff

Thank you for taking care of my order!! I really appreciate your service and your President Snuff!!

Leslie Braker
UK snuff store

Have not received product. My credit card was charged though.????? Tried to contact snuff store, my email address came back as invalid, but somehow they were able to ask for a review on the very same email address ????

Rick Hardin
Fastest delivery compared to other sellers

I have ordered my snuff from other UK stores with nothing to show for it except loss of funds. Snuff Store ended that and has won my patronage starting NOW!

Nik Marjanovic

Ozona President 7g

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20days later have not received my package yet