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Poschl JBR Yellow 10g

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The JBR Yellow has a strong lemon flavor in the nose, that is accompanied by a slight note of menthol.

A relatively mild strength with equating a medium moisture and degree of grinding. Significantly delicious and refreshing aroma, suitable for everyday use, and easy for beginners. Just take a small pinch and place it in the nasal area in preparation for a fruity sensation all within a 10g container. Let us know your thoughts below of our thoroughly renowned German Snuff.

Customer Reviews

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Sherbert Lemon

Not a bad snuff.
For me, personally, its a little bit to sweet. The lemon is definitely there, but its more of a Sherbert Lemon, hard build sweet.

The Menthol is also there as well, you know this straight away as soon as you inhale cool air through your nose.

But, with the two scents combined, you basically have a cough a sweet (a certain lemon and a honey) so I could imagine it would be a great snuff if you're feeling under the weather.

On a positive, the scent really does linger in your nostrils for quite some time.
Nicotine hit is very mild.

Overall, it's not a bad snuff. Just isn't to my liking.