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Poschl JBR Yellow 10g

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Pöschl JBR Yellow is a testament to an old style English tobacco firm, J. Brumfit & Radford Ltd, lending their expertise to concoct a fine blend of tobacco leaf that produces something very original. This snuff is flavored with a pure lemon that evokes limoncello or lemon flavored shaved ice. This mixture's color is dark; the grind and moisture are medium. The attack on the nose is more in line with tingle and surprise than actual burn and the nicotine hit is moderate. The perfect séjour of Victoria and Albert in Napoli.

Available in a convenient 10 gram container.

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Customer Reviews

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Ricky West
Poschl jbr yellow

Wonderful, lemon aroma.relativly new snuff taker,so sorry for lack of detail.this is different from anything I've tried
Not harsh at all

George Bush
Ez and tasty

Easy to the 👃
I would recommend if just want to have a good taste , not feeling much of the nicotine

Alex Kelly
Sherbert Lemon

Not a bad snuff.
For me, personally, its a little bit to sweet. The lemon is definitely there, but its more of a Sherbert Lemon, hard build sweet.

The Menthol is also there as well, you know this straight away as soon as you inhale cool air through your nose.

But, with the two scents combined, you basically have a cough a sweet (a certain lemon and a honey) so I could imagine it would be a great snuff if you're feeling under the weather.

On a positive, the scent really does linger in your nostrils for quite some time.
Nicotine hit is very mild.

Overall, it's not a bad snuff. Just isn't to my liking.