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Poschl Red Bull Aromatic Sachet 10g

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If you like menthol, this is the snuff for you! It has a nice menthol hit that does overpower the tobacco, the taste of which I can't discern, but the nicotine hit does the job. This snuff, along with Hedges L260, is my favorite snuff.

Courtesy of Snuff Reviews: Jerry Manaker

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Harry "Hershy" Orenstein
Pöschl Red Bull Aromatic Sachet 10g

Why do I buy 'Red Bull Aromatic'?
I simply love menthol snuff. But, the problem usually is, and I have tried many over the last 40-years, that many of them are created to clear and refresh the nostrils.

That may be OK if you are feeling under the weather, however for every-day (all day) use one needs an aromatic snuff with a gradual release of menthol. That is 'Red Bull Aromatic.'

Why do I buy in sachets? Because I want my snuff as close to how it was intended to be used. A 10g sachet will normally last me between 3-4 days. Every morning I open the resealed sachet, which I had bent over the corner and sealed with Sellotape, and empty out enough for that day into my snuff disk (a used OZONA spearmint snuff, which I enjoy very occasionally but always retain the container, there is a secret technique to open it) and I can then enjoy 'Red Bull Aromatic' as close to the original as possible.