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Red Label Black

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Janta Red Label Black is an exquisite mixture of recognizable flavors of the subcontinent. There is a pungent and sweet taste that comes through via the fermented Indian tobaccos. The color is black, the grind is fine and the powder is moist and almost sticky. Easy on the nose and there is an obvious nicotine rush that lasts a nice long while. This snuff will favorably surprise you.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
1st snuff ever - I like it

... snuff said? Can't wait to explore more (just sad there aren't opium and coca varieties... Oh umm typo? Nvm...)

matt levins
Was not expecting that

Had a fair few Indian snuffs and it's been very hit and miss for me. This one really blew me away.

A strong dark moist powder. Rich toasty aroma, big nicotine hit. Can best describe it as a traditional English taste but with the nicotine hit you'd expect from those finely ground Indians very little burn and won't block your sinus at all. Really best of both worlds, a fantastic contribution

Andrew Webb
Great flavour and great value

A moist and finely ground perfumed black snuff. It has a musky aroma at the front with what seems like a slight cooling menthol at the back. At this price it's fantastic value. Without having tried it before I plumped for the 40g tin and was not disappointed.

Red Label Black.

A black snuff which is finely ground & strong but gentle on the nostrils I recommend this snuff.