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Rooster 4.65 oz

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Rooster is the first American scotch I tried and I was blown away by the nicotine hit, it’s the first time I was really satisfied buy nic from snuff. the flavor took a little getting used to. The smokiness was lovely but the taste of vinegar was a bit unexpected but something I got quite fond of rather quickly.

The flavor stays for quite sometime, I don’t really get the BBQ thing it reminds me of cigarette smoke and a bag of chips. Its fine and dry but no dryer than most HDT’s that I have had so if you are new to this type of snuff some care needs to be taken or it will make your eyes water, that said it does not make my nose run or clog.

I can sniff this all day and most days I do. I highly recommend Rooster it might not be to everyone’s taste but its well worth trying. If I had to choose one snuff to exclusively use it would be the mighty rooster.

Courtesy of Snuff reviews: snuff gnu