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Toque Camphor & Clove

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The grind is between fine and coarse,but fluffy and slightly moist. The texture is a rich semi-dark brown. The aroma is unmistakably camphor and clove, no cutting corners here! It is almost strong enough to obscure the tobacco, which appears to be the usual Toque base - excellent in itself.

It is surprising how well the smells of camphor and clove blend in, to provide a cool and pleasantly medicinal aroma, that lingers for a long, long time. It will not send your nose running, and there's no clogging either. Camphor & Clove, though not an all-day type of snuff, is very well suited for a wake-up pinch. It is relaxing and reviving all at the same time.

Courtesy of Snuffhouse Reviews - Matou

Customer Reviews

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Malcolm Davies
Camphor and clove

A really wonderful snuff, it clears the head beautifully
and the scent remains for quite some time, certainly one of my favourites now and a great creation from Toque. Malcolm.

John Crawford
One of the best!!

An easy to take snuff, on opening the tin you get a great aroma of Eucalyptus and menthol with the Camphor coming through. Pretty much the same in the nose with a long lasting effect. Brilliant.