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Viking Blonde

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To those who haven't yet tried our "The Viking" series of snuff, we strongly recommend trying "Viking Blonde" as it is one of our more natural every day practising snuffs. An easy to take matter that promises a light nicotine hit that is more soft than you would anticipate. Just wait until you experience a smooth sensational hit that is more than accessible to use with a high relatively easy moisture and more delicate flavouring. The scent is effective and remarkably easy to pinch and place in the nasal area.

"Viking Blonde" comes in a 25g container, 100g, and also a 500g container if you're wanting snuff in the long term period. A general favourite from our customers, and definitely ideal for our newcomers. Let us know what your thoughts are below.

I've had a lot of natural flavor snuffs and Viking Blonde is by far my favorite. I use it all day, everyday. You can't go wrong with this. It's so easy to take. Maybe a little light in the nic but considering how soft it is, yo can just take huge bumps so it evens out. If you're on the fence, get off and buy as much as you can afford!

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Customer Reviews

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Mark Chadwick
Viking blonde

Love Viking blonde

Gabe Skypala
nice natural snuff

A light, drier snuff with an all natural aroma. Very nice with a light nicotine hit. Sniff gently as these drier snuff are very light