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Viking ISS

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If you're a fanatic of minty sensational stuff then this is the ideal product for you. A mentholated and not too overpowering snuff that is presented as a dark and medium moist tobacco. A menthol hit will be expected when pinched and placed in the nasal area. An all-round good snuff that will present a lengthy and sensation mentholated aroma that will last for a lengthy amount of time. Embrace for Viking ISS.

A coarse grind with a good strong nicotine punch that is enough to clear your sinuses. This item comes in a range of different vacuumed container sizes (25g, 100g and 500g). A truly all-round high-grade snuff for menthol lovers, let us know your thoughts below.

Customer Reviews

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I have a good and not so good review of this blend of snuff, first of all it did not meet my expectations,upon recieving the ISS snuff i decided to try it, upon opening the scent of menthol was not present,ammonia was the first i detected, to my disapointment no other scent was detected other than the base flour, the flour i found moist,the scent earthy,a medium to strong scent of tabacco, once snuffed the first thing to hit the senses was the pepper sting and slow burn,this was joined by the earthy flour, the flour reminded me of the virginia/burley flavour" i used to smoke pipe tabacco", not unpleasent, it has grown on me, i occationaly have a pinch or two, i believe this to be purely a Tabacco Snuff, no added flavour " as nature intended". Deffinately a Snuff for the Traditionalist. I give it five stars because it is pure in its nature.

Adam B.
Great Snuff

Nothing like an Indian snuff this is classic english coarse ground with the perfect amount of menthol for frequent use and a tasty base tobacco. Very well done I was stuck with the german menthols until I found this. Very happy.

Stephen Holland
Viking ISS

Tried Viking Iss , not a bad everyday snuff but not enough menthol in it for my taste, reminded me a lot of the 6 photo medicated No 666 , I’ve got a tub of Crumbs of comfort arriving tomorrow , that and Red bull are my to favourites