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Wilsons Grand Cairo

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A delicious floral scent, almost identical to the version by Fribourg and Treyer, this snuff is distinct form any other. Medium brown tobacco, medium grind, and slightly moist, the scent develops in the nose, increasing in intensity.

When blown out, the scent lingers for a long while. A very wonderful snuff of the old school, this recipe is a few hundred years old, and still fresh and interesting.

NB: The 450g container is not in stock and is considered a special order. This will cause a short delay in delivery time. You should expect a delay between 48 hrs and 1 week.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Robert Haigh

It's good snuf😉

If you like it you like it.

Had to give it 5* there's nothing "wrong" with the snuff at all, it has a great burn and the flavour is well pronounced. It's just the flavour isn't for me, as advertised it's very floral, but not in the spicy, musky way of some SPs, it's more soapy, another commenter said grandma's purse and they nailed it. My opinion may change but this went straight to the bottom of my drawer. I may fall in love with it on a rainy day but for now it's just not for me

James Pawson
Not for beginners, but nice

I chose this as my first nasal snuff because I liked the old-fashioned sounding name/description. It being so amazingly fine-ground makes it very hard to take without it going too far up into the airways. I've come to just put the slightest dab on my finger and just inhale ever, ever so lightly-- that works for me.

And my immediate reaction to the scent was "grandma's purse." But after some weeks with it, it has really grown on me, and I might actually get some more at some point.

I am very familiar with bergamot (I always have a bottle of bergamot essential oil on hand for aromatherapy); I noticed other folks mentioned that as a component in the scent, but I honestly can't detect it in this snuff. More like lemon zest mixed with floral notes that I am not familiar with... maybe my senses are deranged from smoking cigs too long.

But again, I find it pleasant now and notice myself craving the unique scent sometimes during the day, so I am happy with this choice.

Alex L.
Simply the best

What more can I say? Emptied my 5g tin in no time, had to order a bigger one. It's my everyday snuff and an absolute favourite. Expect bergamot, some floral notes and a solid nic hit.

Mick Moore
Probably the best SP in the world

Wow! Wow! And thrice wow!
Medium grind, good moisture. Smells like lemon drizzle cake in the tin but it's in the nose where this one shines like a sparkler! Has a piquant burn, with bergamot and lavender predominant but it's a very masculine scent rather than granny pants. Nicotine is medium to just above and hits fast. I get another floral in the background that reminds me of chrysanthemum and there are spices too.
I need to try the F&T version to compare but this will take some beating. I don't know if I'd recommend to a novice but it could be fun!
Has a good lingering aroma