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Wilsons Tom Buck

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This is a very good, strong SP with a bit of extra citrus. An elegant floral note balances the dominant bergamot and it lasts quite a while. This has no burn and is easy to take. This snuff has the same high quality level as Best SP in my opinion. You just can't go wrong with this one.

Courtesy of Snuff Reviews: Red Star

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Power and warmth

For those of you who don't know, this snuff recipe was named after some variety of well known rogue of yesteryear. So they created a snuff that was supposed to be strong and robust in flavour and character. It certainly doesn't disappoint. Those who enjoy mixing snuffs often use this as a base for "home brews". Quite a dark flavour with hints of citrus and bergamot perfume. But not too strong. Relatively easy to take and with real power. Quite large pinches or long sessions will make you feel like there is a party to go to and you will feel excited and energised. It has some characteristics of an SP, but not totally. Its a unique snuff that will be enjoyed by men and women alike for its flavour and effect. Thoroughly enjoyable. Average usage might be one pinch every few hours. A session is one pinch every 10 minutes for 30 - 40 minutes. Put some in your snuffbox or pinching tin. Also great for ex smokers who are missing a fix or need a quick hit when nicotine replacement isnt quite cutting the mustard.