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6 Photo M.G. Madras

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This extra-strong madras snuff is best known for lacking in exotic spices, but most importantly a refreshing sense of tobacco manifested as a buttery and nutty flavoured snuff. Included with 6 Photo M.G Madrasd is an exotic type mentholated flavour that sets a strong sensation with a milder exotic and nicotine hit. This blend, in particular, is niche as it is a more than a distinctive blend of effective South Indian Burley and Latakia tobaccos.

No added flavours or menthol, just a more natural roasted tobacco aroma all within an 8g or 100g container. This is a very satisfying snuff product to use if you're aspiring to quit smoking. Expect a good sense of nicotine while you scratch the surface of an age-old tradition of the Madras snuff industry.

CUSTOMER REVIEW: No exotic spices in this snuff. Just good tobacco fried in ghee for a buttery, smokey snuff. One sniff and you'll think you just took a drag from a cigarette, and for that reason it's a very satisfying snuff if you use snuff to quit smoking. Some might even suggest this has a mild cigar like quality.