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6 Photo Chocolicious

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If you're a fan of pure chocolate flavoured snuff, then this is the purchase for you. It includes an excellent kick with the lightest of menthol hints, while simultaneously you'll be experiencing a lightly medicated dessert scent. A charmingly gentle floral finish is included within the 30g English type snuff, that will work significantly when placed up your nostril. We guarantee a mild dose of chocolicious will endure a comfortable experience that satisfies a lengthy and comfortable amount of time.

Chocolicious is an easy sniffing product, which is ideal for newcomers or anyone who envisions of a unique snuff encounter. The chocolate sensation is upfront with a good quality Indian camphor that is easy to apply. We hope you have a positive chocolate sensation from 6 Photo.

Customer Review: Great lightly medicated dessert scent. Chocolate is upfront with a mild dose of good quality Indian camphor and a pleasantly sweet floral finish. This is a scent that will stick around your nose and upper lip for a bit; fortunately it is extremely pleasant. The camphor in this snuff is far less aggressive and more enjoyable than chemical menthol. Well done.

Customer Reviews

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michal citak
Good value

Chocolate flavour can be felt very well, nice and sweet and good price!

Will Blakey

It's ok, the chocolate is quite prominent. However, there is a fair amount of menthol in there as well. It would definitely have been nicer without the menthol.
Can anyone recommend a good plain creamy chocolate snuff?


Everything you imagine when you order a chocolate scented snuff. I actually didn't expect it to be that perfect.

Ivan Edwards
Chocky heaven

First time for me and knocked out by the intense chocolate scent. Thoroughly recommend it.


Wow, absolutely wow!
Has first a small floral taste but then BUMM -> MILK CHOCOLATE.

I am disappointed about myself that i didnt order more, just a small 8g since i didnt like the other 6photo stuff. All of them smells like perfume, but this. JUST WOW

Alot tastier than other chocolates i have tried.