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6 Photo Indian Curry

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From 6 Photo comes a traditional English style tobacco base combined with an extraordinary twist. This product has the finest sense of Indian spices herbs transpired into a 30g container. This is English type snuff by Lahhman Dass Amar Nath. An easy to sniff grind in the form of a standalone scent, with a touch of menthol flavouring. An ensured smooth and lengthy hit that is presented in the figure of an Indian Curry, a definite hidden gem in the nasal snuff enterprise.

Sold in a range of different sizes ranging from 8g to 200g and worth a shot if you're new to the nasal snuff movement. Once placed in the nostril area you will be awaiting an exotic light spice... Let us know your thoughts and we'll continue to provide unique scents and flavours. One for fanatics of India style cuisine and scents. This one is for you.