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6 Photo Mysore Sandalwood 30g

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As stated on the container, Mysore Sandalwood snuff is premium produce from the hub of Six Photo edition. A handcrafted product that is created in small bathes to fulfil the pure amora that is demanded the ideal hit. Discovered and sourced from the jungles of the Mysuru region of Karnataka and then blended to create this very distinctive product all withing a 30g container.

This snuff has a silky smooth grind with a distinguished tobacco taste that includes a high nicotine intake. Ready to provide you with a comforting experience and a gentle scent. This Indian snuff comprises medium moisture that is easily accessible when placing it up the nostril, with the tobacco easily balanced. We hope you relish the texture of this snuff and the gently unfolded essence.

CUSTOMER REVIEW: "While I am sure I have encountered sandalwood scent in numerous products before, I really doubt that any of them contained pure high grade oil (excluding some perfumes, where it is blended with other oils). The latest release by Six Photo piqued my interest and I ordered a tin of Mysore. And am I glad I did!
The picture doesn't do full justice to the colour of this snuff, which is actually more vivid than in the image above. It has a beautiful texture and is very easy to take by pinch and boxcar. I would call the grind medium, it's somewhat coarser than one would expect from an Indian snuff. Moisture is medium, too. Tin note isn't overpowering at all, sandalwood goes really well with this nice biscuity base tobacco. The burn is quite mild and short lasting, subsides fast, leaving that warming and comforting feeling. Flavour doesn't explode, but unfolds gently. This a well balanced snuff and you can feel the tobacco. Sandalwood lingers in the nose for long, subsiding and then reemerging suddenly. I won't be describing the scent (I'm too bad at it), but I find it blissful. After taking my very first pinch I realised that all I want to do is to sit down on a couch and breathe, enjoying the waves of this aroma. That's it..
It's a rare case when I don't think much about nicotine, for I feel it would be kind of inappropriate. Yes, nicotine is there (solid medium) and it surely adds to that comforting feeling. But first and foremost, it's The Scent.
Calling this snuff a masterpiece isn't an exaggeration."
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Customer Reviews

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Gaurav Ter
Good snuff

It’s a good snuff with sandalwood flavour.

Fantastic quality

Really refined flavour that isn't too overpowering. I find the nicotine quite strong. One as an occasional treat