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Afghan Black 50g

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Transported from somewhere outside Jalalabad in Afghanistan to the border of Pakistan near Torkham by truck. It is then transported by another battered vehicle across Pakistan via Peshawar and Abbottabad crossing to Kashmir then, of all things, stuck on the back of donkeys to get it over the Pir Panjal range.

After traversing the mountains the beasts of burden follow a road where it is picked up by guys driving homemade trucks with converted generator engines. It is then dropped off at various village stores from the Jammu Kashmir district down to the Punjab.

From there a trader from Amritzar finds his way to the local market where our Indian contact picks it up and sells us a few tins. We managed to procure a few dozen tins of the stuff, but we are not sure if we will be able to get any more and if we do, it will be in erratic small quantities.

Customer Reviews

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ian clayton
Secure seat.

The rest this snuff gives is much appreciated. A crumbly moist offering that will see you too the next day, Thankyou.

Chris Gladwell
Afghan black

.it's very salty and can sting the goes to a powder fairly fast resulting in acrid gritty saliva . it definitely has plenty of Nicotine. It was nice to try but personally it won't be something I would try again.

Daniel S Mills
Very good


Redouane Anad
Good product

Strong amonia smell product as I like it better than makla ifrikia. Excellent service

Tastes like straw.

As a regular swedish snus user, I bought this just for the experience...
It arrived open without the tape holding it closed..

No ammonia smell as some others have reviewed.
The aroma is earthy, and like straw, but not exactly.

As a user of loose snus, the nicotine seems to be far less and with a consistency way "smearier". Definitely a finer grind.
Difficult to keep it still in the upper lip.

Nothing I'm gonna buy again but fun trying.