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Fribourg and Treyer Old Paris

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I've yet to be disappointed by F&T. OK I've only tried three, but I do have some more on order and I'm sure I'll enjoy them just as much. This one is flavoured with arrack, or dates, but the finish actually reminds me more of dirt and shoe leather. Yeah, doesn't sound appealing but it is!! Very pungent, definitely a love or hate snuff. I love it.

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Dave MacKay

A nice relaxing snuff with the scent of old leather and old library. Truly a top shelf sophisticated snuff.

A very distinctive smell

This is a very different snuff, it is medium - coarse grind and moisture, absolutely perfect for me, it's so fluffy it almost looks edible, the smell is very hard to describe, it almost smells like wet dirt, a bit like milk chocolate, a bit like leather and a bit like manure and fine tobacco all at the same time, but as strange as this sounds, it's a very nice smell.
This F&T is one of the least perfumed ones I've tried, really easy to take and a polar opposite to menthol snuffs, I recommend trying it, it might be your favorite snuff.

xavier garcia esquerre


Mick Moore
Sheer quality

My second F&T snuff. Think of Wilsons no22 Irish toast as a diamond in the rough and this as the finished cut stone in all its dazzling glory!
Nicotine delivery is ballsy, the grind fine and the nose will tell you that this is a sit down with a good cuppa sort of snuff.
The aroma is toasty with hints of leather and old libraries. I get a faint hint of dates but it's really miniscule against the other scents. In the nose it behaves very much like Irish Toast but is much smoother and more refined.
Not sure I would recommend to a novice unless they are quitting a 30 a day habit, and I wouldn't personally use before bed but rather a first thing in the morning as it wakes me up big time. I will definitely try the other F&T offerings as IMHO they stand head and shoulders above their peers. Marvellous!