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Fribourg and Treyer Santo Domingo

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Almost black, coarse and very moist, this snuff is the most enjoyable snuff of it's kind that I know of. Perhaps my nose is jaded at the moment, but I don't pick up much sandalwood, cedar, violet or geranium. There is a faint woody, floral hint somewhere in there, but it is masked by a magnificent leathery, peaty, moist and rich tobacco flavour that makes this one stand out from the crowd.

Some nose burn, but the moistness makes it very easy to take in large quantities (without the unpleasant throat drip of many schmalzers). Nicotine is delivered slowly and evenly over a long period of time. Ideal with an Islay whisky late at night.

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Customer Reviews

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ian clayton

Excellent. A hot scent that kicks the ground into firmness and settlement.
Clay Clayton.

Tobacco Jack
Something Special

I differ from most of the people who have rated Santo Domingo. One of my guilty pleasures was to occasionally smoke a cherry wood pipe. My favorite pipe tobacco is famous in Scandinavia and the Baltic States. Its name is Latakia, it's grown in desert-type environments, and its only flavoring is a special woodsmoke used to cure the tobacco. The pipe tobacco has very little bite, is cool in ones mouth, and to me is about the most bitchin' smoking tobacco 😎. To my nose, Santo Domingo smells very similar to unburned Latakia and there is hardly any noticeable burn in this snuff.

I like Santo Domingo by itself; however, I have committed the crime of mixing some of it with McCrystals O&G and, damn, it does work exceptionally well!

I hope that I've done a good job of rating this snuff. 👍


Peter Artle
Santo Domingo Fribourg and Treyer

Santo Domingo is absolutely a fantastic product. It has a higher nicotine content than any other nasal snuff I’ve tried. It has no menthol whatsoever: instead it has a smokier flavor, and contains less perfume than the other Fribourg & Treyer products; certainly a more pronounced rich tobacco flavor.


Lovely smell, very pure tobacco with cedar and woody taste. I don't sense violet that much (which makes it more perfect to me).
After a little while, a burnt (in a good way) woody taste comes alive and it's just really cosy thereafter. Good moisture level.
Very easy to take. Tiny burn. I haven't tried with whisky, but I can really see this goes a long with a nice whisky like the description says :)

Lovely snuff

A wonderful shop with lovely snuff from all the way around the world