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Poschl Gletcherprise 10g

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Poschl's snuff is the ideal product for those who prefer a longlasting mentholated flavouring. It holds a fluffy but smooth sensation with an easy to pinch texture that provides a moreover cool-feeling. An all-rounded medium moist substance that inherits an ideal menthol kick in the form of sweet tobacco. Thoroughly ideal for those who are new to the snuff scene and would rather a mild punch, or if you favoured something a bit more distinguished.

A fairly easy to take snuff, with a perfect grind and low nicotine rate. Just place in the nostril area and prepare for a mentholated encounter. This product comes in a 10g container and is also a perfect menthol snuff for mixing. This is "Gletcherprise", let us know your thoughts below.

Excellent menthol flavor that lasts a bit longer than other Poschls, and there is a pretty good flavor after the menthol has worn off. My primary use of this snuff is on the go due to the tap box container and the pleasures of walking about with menthol in my nose. It is also a perfect menthol snuff for mixing. I mix it with Dholakia Swiss Chocolate quite often and sometimes with my fruity snuffs as well.

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Customer Reviews

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The gateway snuff

Pöschl Gletscherprise is the very first snuff I've ever tried, it just happened that I was in the mountains at that time, and I couldn’t pick a more appropriate landscape for this amazing menthol smell.
The only negative of this snuff is it tends to clog the nose from heavy use, but on the positive side, heavy use is unavoidable, it’s just so good.
It’s moist, mild, fluffy excellent for beginners and like most Pöschls, it smells delicious.
It’s the most omnipresent and arguably most popular German snuff you’ll find, and that's a testament to its quality.

Doc Schneider
For starters and snuff veterans alike

The classic Gletscherprise is most likely your first encounter with snuff (at least at home in Germany) and you either love it lr hate it. I LOVE it. The menthol and Brasil oil give a kick and a fresh feeling not every snuff can compete with. This is a perfect everyday snuff, not to complex in its aromed but interesting enough to always carry it with you.

Gökhan Aydemir
ürün yok

ürün yok

Great Snuff

This snuff does feel like you are breathing in mountain air, it is so refreshing. It doesn't have an intoxicating mentholated effect just freshness through and through. It also doesn't cause congestion like most mentholated snuffs do. I would highly recommend this snuff, it has become a daily necessity!