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6 Photo Medicated No.66

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Medicated No 66 is an English type snuff by Lackman Dass Amar Nath. Best known as a sense of medicated snuff which has strong conjunction from the Indian states of Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh which stays in the nostril for an influential and lengthy amount of time. A good aspect of this product is its function in nose clearing and its specialism in a menthol and camphor response. A balanced scent that will induce a sense of positivity to your day.

This Indian nasal snuff comes a range of container sizes (8g, 30g and 200g) all guaranteed to provide a pure linger and excellent sensation. Slightly extra exquisite mentholated snuff with a good bit of moistness. Be sure to check out the meatier and spicier medicated snuff products available. We have #6 and #666 available for you to assay. Some quote this product as the Queen of spices. Let us know your thoughts.

CUSTOMER REVIEW: Amongst the 6 photo medicated ones, this one is my favorite. I use it at least once or twice every day since it gives me a clear head and a bit of relief on the onset of a migraine. Amazing nose clearing capacity and a must try for menthol and camphor lovers. Stays in the nose for a looooonnggg time. A must for me in my arsenal to give my migraines a worthy opponent.

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Very good. Nothing else to say

Indian snuff

Good flavour, but a fine grind and has a tendency to cake up.
By the way, I cant stand your new website - I had to re-register and then couldnt find my previous vavourites.
Please take this on board.