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FUBAR Non-Tobacco Nicotine Natural 30g

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Another first from Fubar snuffs, This is a new non tobacco snuff made from purely herbal ingredients with the added twist of raw nicotine . FEEL THE DIFFERENCE.

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Customer Reviews

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Simon keys

This stuff is Strong!! Big nic hit great for morning kick out of bed!! It literally kicked my butt, however very peasant if you looking for a tobacco free snuff. Clears the nose and delivers a wake up call, be careful I had 4 pinches in 2 mins and sent my head a bit Spinny had to sit down but it is great for a get up and go!! Find your own level but fantastic go go snuff! Recommended live it!!

Tony Foster

Very Good herbal snuff wins over 6 photo india in a box green not sure if that as nicotine but still not a bad snuff this better by a long shot