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NTSU Black 15g

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This is probably the coarsest snuff I have ever tried, and possibly also the strongest. Coarse, dark, moist and plain, and as such it is truly excellent. On first opening the practical plastic tub (perfect for re-use, of course) I was struck by a powerful blast of ammonia, indicating super-freshness.

Having tipped out the snuff and spread it out on a sheet of paper to air for a few hours, the ammonia dissipated allowing enjoyment of the snuff itself. The flavor is relatively complex for a plain snuff. It's earthy and leathery with more than a hint of the farmyard.

It does take a fair old sniff to get it to stay in the nose, but that is no hardship and I can understand why some users choose to dry and grind it more finely. Me, I'm enjoying it very much as it is.

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Customer Reviews

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Tshidi Mojake

Just as I expected. It gives that kick that I know. It’s moist. Would recommend it any day.

Just Browsing
Kick like a mule

Delicious. Full of lovely ammonia, very dark and course. Nicotine probably as high as it gets. Very similar to taxi red, but darker and stronger ammonia. I like this one for situations where I can't chain sniff something else.

Andrew Wishart
NTSU Black

I found this to be much different to all the others I'd tried and found myself liking it a lot. A decent hit and an unusual flavour.

Ntsu Black

If you like your snuff dark chunky and moist, and like a good dollop of ammonia freshness, then you can't get better than this...
This snuff is my all time favourite and has been for years. It is the first in the morning and my go to reset snuff through the day.
The colour is very dark, the grind is corse and the moisture on opening a new pot is almost dripping, I love it. So easy to take and very gentle in the nose.. It looks like a bad boy but is really very well behaved. Some people like to tip it out or stir it up a bit to air it out and let some of the "aroma" excape..  personally I don't.
If you've tried Viking Thors Hammer or taxi Red and liked them then your going fall in love with this snuff. The only problem is it's so popular its hardly ever in stock and when it is you have to grab some fast.

5 stars

Excellent service