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Viking Brown

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A truly significant product in the "Viking Snuff" series comes "Viking Brown". A dark brown and very coarse snuff that is more than easy to access when pinched and placed in the nasal area. An excellent flavouring and aroma that some describe as a "Campfire sort of smell" with a prominent nicotine hit.

Smooth and reliant nicotine hit that will develop into a very pleasant experience, that evolves over a lengthy period, moist and straight forward smokeless tobacco. All produced from a high-quality dark fired Virginia leaf. Let us know your thoughts below.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Charly Hayot
Impeccable service

Choice of the best tobacco in the world, friendly staff and arranging fast and neat shipping.

Yves Herren
its great

amazing, thank you very much!

A distinctly different experience and rather good

When pinched it seems to have the characteristic of Gawith Hoggarth Kendal Brown. But it really comes into its own when taken off a snuff spoon. Then the warmth and the almost Jamaican rum flavours start to develop and you really begin to experience numerous different layers of flavour over time. It has a saltiness, but also a warmth. An essence that reminds me of varnished wood, old hemp rope and tar barrels. Somehow a classic old wooden seafaring ship aroma. Ideal just before watching Pirates of the Caribbean or listening to folk songs about Nelson. It's nicotine is present to be sure, and that's why spoon doses are probably better then big finger pinches. It seems courser grind than most average snuffs, but not quite as course as I remember Kendal Brown to be back in the day when I was young. As it is relatively course, the nicotine delivery creeps up on you somewhat a bit like F+T Old Paris, but not as strong as that, but still with some real power. So don't expect an immediate hit. This is definitely one to take in small doses every 10 minutes for half an hour as opposed to a quick hit and you are done. The complexity and depth of flavour lingers and grows on you and rather like a craft whiskey, you will discern numerous different layers of fragrance as the snuff takes you on a flavoursome journey. The psychological effect is awakening, but also sobering with a feeling of calm, grounded happiness which pairs nicely with the rich earthiness of the flavour tones. It does have a smokiness to it too, reminiscent of a pipe tobacco and the feeling of it is similar to how I used to feel after a bowl of pipe tobacco too. But its not uniquely a mans fragrance either. I feel that both men and women may enjoy the complexity and depth of aroma and the steadying effect it has on the mind. Course, moist, easy to sniff, warming. Probably also good for meditation and creative problem solving in life itself. Quite a lovely experience. But get a good snuff taking spoon set to make the experience more enjoyable.

William Tomlin
Viking brown

This is the first non menthol snuff I've tried. I was ready for something different. When I first opened the tin I was not overly thrilled about the aroma. It smelled alot like Copenhagen which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it didn't smell like something that I would want to stick in my nose. Now two days later, the tobacco has aired a bit and this has become a favorite snuff of mine. Give it a chance to air and stir it up a bit. Give yourself a chance to get familiar with it. It becomes a bit smokey and smells a bit like a can of cope and a walk in humidor at a fine cigar shop. I'm very pleased with it.