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Fribourg & Treyer French Carotte 20g

Fribourg & Treyer French Carotte 20g

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French Carotte Snuff by Fribourg & Treyer is blended using Zimbabwe Flue Cured Leaf, Dark Cured Leaf & Flue Cured Stem tobacco.
Flavoured with Sandalwood Oil & French Carotte Essence, French Carotte snuff is historically described as below;
"Snuff blending allows for infinite variety, since the many bases and well-nigh limitless perfumes give the expert ample scope for experiment. Sometimes, a happy combination of ingredients is arrived at with gratifying results. This happened with French Carotte.
As a mixture it is new but the components were in use over two centuries ago. In earlier time the word “Carotte” meant the roll of tobacco from which snuff users grated their own; today it names one of the finest bases, smooth and retentive, deserving only the best of perfumes.
One such is sandalwood oil which is distilled from the aromatic wood of a small evergreen tree grown in the East, and has a delicate non-cloying aroma faintly suggestive of incense. Combining these select ingredients has produced a charming snuff of unique distinction."
Price is for what is described as a 'medium' tin containing 25g of French Carotte snuff.

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